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The Washington Post
Why did Putin oppose Clinton? Decades of American hypocrisy. (April 20, 2017)

The U.S. military’s ongoing slur of Native Americans (6/26/14)
Please read the follow-up piece, What Is Political Correctness?

The New Republic
Don’t Blame the “Check Your Privilege” Essay-Writer. Blame His Editors. (5/14/14)

The Boston Globe
Boston’s Bluegrass (1/5/14)

A neighborly knock on the loud, late student party (9/11/13)

Can Boston Break Identity Politics? (9/8/2013)

R.I. upholds church-state separation (7/26/13)

Beyond Bulger (7/19/13)

A fundamental right to be able to die in peace (7/12/13)

Photo ID requirement for EBT is wasteful, punitive (7/5/13)

Cross this line… and I’m gonna do nothing!: The strange truth about ultimatums (6/23/13)

Obama’s power grab threatens FDA (5/3/13)

Where’s the Political Imagination? (3/22/13)

Brainiac (guest blogger for week of 10/25/12; link is to highlighted entries)

How digital art decays—and how to save it (1/20/13)

Poverty’s Boiling Point (8/16/11)

Smoking Opponents, Please Butt Out (5/15/10)

Boston Review
Mass. High Court Says Black Fears Matter (9/28/16)

NATO Has Problems, But Trump Won’t Fix Them (8/22/16)

Trump Voters Are Awakening America from Its Post-Racial Dream (2/29/16)

Colin Dayan’s Ethics Without Reason (1/ 12,/16)

Thoreau’s Public Mind (10/14/15)

GMOs Are Safe—So Let’s Label Them (7/24/15)

Desegregation Is Not Intolerable Social Engineering (7/22/15)

Racism: Dumb and Personal / Smart and Structural (6/22/15)

Police Manipulate Freddie Gray Story Through Leak (4/30/15)

The Indiana Backlash (3/31/15)

Netanyahu Is Right: U.S.-Israel Relations Are Here to Stay (3/3/15)

Americans Love King Because They Don’t Understand Him (1/20/15)

Righteous Indignation in Ferguson (11/25/14)

The Contradiction of Nuclear Democracy (9/26/14)

Six Shots in Michael Brown (8/18/14)

Market Basket’s Fair Deal (7/29/14)

A Hobby Lobby Afterthought (7/11/14)

What Is Political Correctness? (6/30/14 – follow up to The U.S. military’s ongoing slur of Native Americans)

Gangsta Folk (3/27/14)

Belle Knox and the Identity Monster (3/20/14)

Tsarnaev: Dismantle the Gallows (2/3/14)

Suffering and the Second Amendment Debate (1/16/14)

Gondry on Chomsky (12/6/13)

Where Does the U.S.-Iran Deal Leave Israel? (12/2/13)

The Other Mayor’s Race (10/25/13)

Why Didn’t Ed Markey Vote “No”? (9/5/13)

Poll: Yes To Affirmative Action, No To Racial Preferences (8/9/13)

Terms of Enhancement (7/25/13)

Zimmerman: The Criminal Trial Is a Privilege of Whiteness (7/15/13)

Let Rob Ford Smoke Crack (6/4/13)

Who Are You Calling Poor? (2/8/13)

WBUR Cognoscenti
Getting Some Perspective On Bike Safety In Boston (9/4/15)

On Olympics, Mayor Walsh Finally Came To His Senses (7/28/15)

Soaking the Buskers of Faneuil Hall (5/14/15)

Amid The T’s Crisis, Gov. Baker Is Showing His Management Style. It’s Not Pretty. (2/12/15)

Keep Rollin’: A Cyclist’s Case for the Idaho Stop (9/18/14)

America’s Debt To The Children Crossing Our Border (8/4/14)

Big Money, Politics And The High Court: Considering The Implications Of McCutcheon V. FEC (4/3/14)

Pete Seeger’s Radical Simplicity (1/31/14)

A Child Who Kills Is Still a Child (1/2/14)

‘Upskirting’: Creepy, but Legal (11/13/13)

City Hall: A Riposte (9/26/13) [listen to the radio version]

In Defense of My Generation (9/26/12)

Al Jazeera America
For Democratic pragmatists, Sanders is the better choice (1/31/16)

The conservative politics of the same-sex marriage ruling (6/30/15)

‘Blurred Lines’ ruling makes influence illegal (4/4/15)

Americans support the Obama Doctrine (6/20/14)

The Isolationism Canard (9/17/13)

The Washington Spectator
Trumping Judicial Review: Will this president redefine the role of the judiciary? (2/21/17)

The Christian Science Monitor
Review of For Discrimination (9/12/13)

The American Prospect
Big Brother Boston? (4/16/13)

Democracy Journal
Ranked-Choice Voting Is Not the Answer
(November 3, 2016)

Los Angeles Review of Books
Pleading Out: America’s Broken Public Defense System (3/18/13)

How Pay-Pal Squeezes Merchants with Unfair and Likely Illegal Business Practices (12/18/11)

Diversity Against Justice (10/15/12)

Against Innovation (9/10/12)

An Open Letter To People Who Insist That New York Is the Only Place To Get a Decent Bagel (10/22/10)

Rain Taxi Review of Books
Review of Philosophers Without Gods Rain Taxi Review of Books (Summer 2008)

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